The best Volume Booster Apps for Android

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Do you want one of the best voice booster apps for Android? You are in the right place. Your phone may sound louder than what you just heard. There are very few technologies that cannot be used by our devices. Using only the voice booster app for Android, you can improve the sound output of your phone, whether through its speaker or headphones, your calls will sound better than ever.
I have given you a list of sound booster apps for Android that you should download and install on your phone if you really want to boost your phone's sound.

: Installing the Voice Amplifier app for Android can knowingly or unknowingly damage your phone's speakers, headphones, or even your ears when the sound is too loud. You need to be careful while using these voice booster apps for Android

Features of a good Volume Booster Apps for Android

  • Small downloadable size (Something like 2.4MB is appropriate)
  • It must be free from Ads
  • With a good interface where controls are clearly indicated

Various volume booster apps for android
Super High Volume
Super High volume is specifically for high volume (Loudness of the sound produced by your mobile phone) Therefore, it doesn’t do sound production such as equalizer, stereo, and general sound enhancement.

Speaker Booster

You increase the volume of your phone speakers with Speaker Booster. This is an Android App; free of charge, with easy usability controls. It works properly with headphones, earbuds, and the enhanced sound produced is just what you would want.

Equalizer FX
This Volume booster app supports online streaming services; it will be a great deal for your Netflix or HBO Max fantasies. Equalizer is free and available on google play store, supporting a variety of Android versions. It should be a tool for all your media accessories, loudness enhancer, bass, and all quality sound production of your phone.

Super Volume Booster

On the list, we have another Volume Booster Apps for Android with a great UI. Super Volume Booster is a bit different from so many apps, clean and simple, making it easy to use.

With this advantage, Super Volume Booster offers more than just one theme which changes the app’s look. The app has a downloadable size and installs just right.

Coming to VLC, this is the commonest media app in this century. VLC popularly is in the market with desktop and laptop computers, but also available in Smartphone computers now. VLC is cable of doubling your phone’s volume, making it one of those volume booster apps you should be using today.

Boom: Music Player, Bass Booster & Equalizer

This app has been common with Mac users but it’s available for Android too. This is just a music player that features a ton of customizations to improve the overall sound output of your phone

Boom also features a 3D surround sound setting with customizations that give you more granular control over the audio output and a decent equalizer to allow you to customize the sound profile.

Not like all other volume booster listed above, Viper4Android will require root access in your android phone. With all this available, you will be assured of quality sound coming from your smartphone. It adds more sound effects compared to other volume booster apps.

BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer music player features a five-channel equalizer along with a sound effects feature. The sound effects menu within the app can help you amplify the overall output of your Smartphone up to 4 dB which can significantly enhance your listening experience.

GooDev is an Android volume booster app that not only enhances your phone speaker sound but also your headphone sound. It’s a free app, downloadable from Google play store, supported by Android 4.2 and above without rooting your phone.

Volume Booster pro
Volume Booster Pro is more of a music or media app that you can use to play music or your mobile games, also videos. It not only deals with media volume enhancement but also notification volume qualities are improved once you install and give this app permission to your media hardware.

Other ways of increasing of Android volume without Volume Boosters

  1. Know the speaker’s position on your phone. This will help you to keep in an open free position so you can listen to goo loud music.
  2. Try to use high-quality earbuds or headphones. Plugging in this will definitely increase your Phone volume and sound quality.
  3. Increase the volume limit of your phone. To do this below are steps.
  4. Launch the setting app of your phone
  5. Choose Sound and Vibration
  6. Tap on Volume
  7. Click on the three dots in the right upper corner for another menu to display
  8. From the display, choose Media volume Limiter
  9. Sometimes the Media volume Limiter is off, turn it on, and then slide the virtual knob in a clockwise motion to increase your phone volume.
  10. Also, you can increase your phone’s volume by adjusting the equalizer settings as below.
  11. Launch the setting app of your phone
  12. Choose Sound and Vibration
  13. Go to Advanced Sound settings
  14. Proceed to Sound quality and effects
  15. From here, you will adjust different settings according to what suits you, for example, concert hall, bass, and Equalizer.