How to get Airtel eSIM in Uganda

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As technology continues to advance, many telecommunications companies around the world offer eSIM (Embedded SIM) as a new feature for their customers. Airtel Uganda is the first telecom provider to offer eSIM services to its customers. An eSIM is a digital SIM card embedded in a device and operated by a carrier. eSIM eliminates the need for a physical SIM card and offers many benefits, including the ability to use multiple phone numbers on the same device, better security, and more convenience. In this article, we will tell you how to get an Airtel eSIM in Uganda.

Requirements to get Airtel eSIM

  1. Compatible device: You must have a device that supports eSIM functionality. Most smartphones and tablets support eSIM. You can check with your device manufacturer or vendor if your device is eSIM compatible.
  2. Valid ID: To get an Airtel eSIM, you must have a valid ID such as a passport, national ID or driving license. You will need to provide an ID when you visit an Airtel store to get an eSIM.
  3. Existing Airtel Mobile Number (Physical SIM Card): You must have an existing Airtel mobile number to get an Airtel eSIM. The eSIM will be linked to your existing mobile number and you can use the same mobile number on multiple devices.
  4. QR Code: You will need a QR code. The passcode will be used to activate the eSIM on your device.

Airtel eSIM price in Uganda

Airtel eSIM is available to customers at no additional cost. This means there are no additional charges or fees associated with getting an Airtel eSIM. Unlike normal SIM cards, which may incur charges such as replacement fees, Airtel eSIM can be obtained for free at any Airtel store in Uganda.

How to get Airtel eSIM in Uganda
Now that you have everything required to exchange your Airtel SIM card for an Airtel eSIM, follow the steps below to achieve your goal.
Check device compatibility
Before getting Airtel eSIM, it is important to make sure that your device supports eSIM. Most modern smartphones and devices support eSIM, but it is important to contact your device manufacturer or retailer or dial *#06# on your mobile - if your device is compatible , it will display the EID number.
Visit an Airtel store
Once you have confirmed that your device supports eSIM, the next step is to visit the nearest Airtel store in your area. You will need to bring your device with valid ID, such as a passport, national ID or driver's license.

Provide your details
Once you reach the Airtel store, you will need to complete the eSIM exchange form giving your details. This includes your name, phone number, email address, last mobile phone payment transaction, last airtime entry, and a random number.

After providing your details, an Airtel sales representative will activate your eSIM. This process may take a few minutes and you may need to restart your device for the eSIM to start working. That's it!