Would you pay for the Telegram Premium plan at $ 4.99 per month?

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Telegram is a robust messaging app but, like any other company, it needs to make money. As previously reported, this privacy-focused social media platform is now working on a new subscription-based project called Telegram Premium. But would you pay for this plan at $ 4.99 per month? Let's find out the latest details on what's to come.

Telegram is completely free, unlike Meta's own social media platforms. The messaging app hasn't been officially monetized, although the company has been exploring support for ads such as sponsored messages on public channels.

In 2021, Pavel Durov, the founder of the Telegram messenger, confirmed that he was exploring new ways to place ads in public channel posts. According to the company, Telegram Premium's experimental ads will be small posts with a limit of only 160 characters and won't include external links, but the ads will link to a specific channel.

In addition to the official announcements in the messaging app, Telegram Premium is also offering a new paid subscription to the messaging app.

The company plans to launch a subscription platform and reduce the limits of the messaging app. However, the details of the premium plan are inaccurate at the moment.

A Telegram channel, which tracks the new features coming to the platform, has shared a list of planned changes to the Telegram Premium platform:

• Duplicate limits.
• 4GB upload size.
• Faster download speed.
• Voice to text conversion. • No advertising.
• Unique reactions.
• Premium quality stickers.
• Advanced conversation management.
• Profile badge. • Animated avatars.
• Additional application icons.

Telegram Premium is now available in beta for Android, but it is not currently possible to subscribe to the service. So would you pay for this plan at $ 4.99 per month? Leave us a comment below.