What we know so far about Telegram Premium: it's time to monetize the app

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Telegram Premium

Telegram is a robust messaging app but, like any other company, it needs to make money. Telegram Premium is coming, a service we suspect will be a version paid for by the user. Previously, the company last year moved to monetize its platform by selling ads and additional features customized for the group's mass channels. But if the latest beta of its iOS app is any indication, average users may soon be asked to pay for even more of their experiences.

In the test of version 8.7.2, the Telegram Beta channel found a variety of reaction emojis and stickers marked as exclusive to Telegram Premium. Users who select these stickers and reactions will be asked to register for the service. Premium stickers that appear in a conversation thread are also blocked from viewing free users, replaced by the same call to action.

Depending on which stickers or emojis end up being your favorites, you may be dismayed by the discovery of another feature - the word appeared last week by an avatar creator (via r / Telegram) in the macOS client that would allow users to combine simple or patterned elements. shades with your favorite emojis or stickers or even just a monogram. Also, sadly, there's no sign of where he's headed or when.

Moving forward with Telegram Premium, it won't be cool to guess which upcoming features will be free for everyone and which will be for paid subscribers only, but at this point we're just looking for clarity.