Simple explanation of web hosting technology

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Simple definition of web hosting / Hosting
The answer is quick and immediate, but then there is a lot more thread to pull. let's go! from the definition of accommodation. Hosting, or web hosting, refers to the physical space in which all data, all content, all photos, all videos, everything you write for your blog or website are stored. That way, when someone types in your website's domain on the Internet, they'll get exactly what they're looking for.

What is hosting or web hosting really?
Because we have already defined it, but you still have no idea what it is. Look at! I'll give you a very practical example. Think about the folders you have on your computer, where you have organized your information ...
In those folders there is a set of content which is what you put there, and you can access that content and you can work with it. , thanks.Because the computer has a number of hardware, software resources that help this work.

IF you already have that idea of ​​folders and information on your computer ... Hosting, or web hosting, is very similar. There are a number of folders in which they are contained and the hosting has, therefore, its physical resources, its hardware and its software for it to work well.

A hosting, or web hosting, is where you put the information of your web pages and it is they, from there, who release it to the Internet when someone consults something.

A hosting is something very similar to what I told you about your computer, but in a big way: with very powerful connections and with very good material to be able to properly serve your website.

Where, then, are the hosted web pages?
I mean, really, what is it like? Here I leave you an image of what a physical and real hosting is. Because it's not something ethereal, or something ambiguous, or something strange ... it's something physical: that you can touch as you can see.

And servers take up your space, they require your power, in fact they require a lot of power because they need to be cooled; and it has to be for it to work well. A hosting is something tangible and concrete. Hey! Well, you know what hosting is.

 And, one thing, don't get confused, there are a lot of similar words to say the same thing, is that we like to complicate things no matter if you hear about hosting, web hosting, web hosting, web hosting, web hosting, as long as you hear that kind of thing, all the same, a hosting.