How to prevent your Blogger blog's content from being copied.

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protect blog content from being copied

When you blog in Blogger's content management system and you don't want anyone to copy the content, you can follow this guide. In this article we will talk about how to disable copy and paste, what would be the benefits and harms of doing it.

Blogger supports the XML theme. We need to apply some code to the XML theme file to generate secure HTML output.

Blogger does not currently support plugins to enhance its functionality. You need to manually implement the codes in the theme file. First, we will understand how we can disable the copy and paste function for the whole page and a specific part. This will give you more control over the Blogger blog.

How to disable Copy Paste in Blogger
When it comes to a full page, the entire Blogger blog doesn't support ctrl c, ctrl v, and the select tool on mobile devices. The following script will not allow any functions in the body section. You need to edit the Blogger XML file and paste this code just above the </body> tag. The </body> tag is found in the last few lines of the Blogger XML theme.

To Access your theme HTML, go to Menu > Theme > Customise > Edit HTML

Then copy the code below and paste it just above the </body> tag and save changes.

Alternatively, you can just add an HTML / JavaScript gadget in your Layout section with the code as its content.