How to Create Your Own Android App without Coding Skills Using AppsGeyser

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create app without coding

Have you ever wanted to create your own Android application and share it with family and friends? While there are plenty of options online, you might want to check out AppsGeyser, which is fast, responsive, and doesn't require any technical skills. In fact, creating an app with this tool is so simple that I'll walk you through all the steps from launching to installing on my phone.

1. Log in and get started
First, create your account in the login area using only one email address. It is recommended that you check your email after registration - I used a temporary email address and have never blocked myself. They ask for a phone number, but there is no need to provide one.
Click "Create Now" after logging into the dashboard.


2. Create your application
Once logged in, select "Build app to win". There are 24 categories to choose from: browser, free video call and chat, messaging app, media player, mobile TV, slot machine, magic ball and wallpaper. For this tutorial, I have chosen "wallpaper".

After reviewing the model description, click "Next" to start building the application. You can see a preview in the right panel.

Since this is a wallpaper app, there was an option to upload images.
Note: If you upload images or videos for public consumption, make sure there are no copyright infringements and that they comply with Creative Commons guidelines.

Click "Next" when the description is complete. Now give the application the desired name.

create apps without coding

In the next step, you can choose your icon or choose a default option.

create apps without coding

Finally, hit the "Create" button. You can always edit the application later in the edit window for more advanced options.

create apps without coding

3. Publish your application
If you want to publish your application on Google Play, you can do it for free with AppsGeyser using the "Publish" button. It also supports alternative Android markets like Amazon Appstore, Aptoid, SlideMe, and GetJar. For these, click on “I have already published the app. Check it out now! "

For publishing with Google Play, AppsGeyser has a guide to walk you through the process.

  • Create your Google developer account on the Developer Console registration page
  • Fill out the Store listings in the Google developer account
  • Upload apk in the launcher section of Google Play apps
  • Complete the content classification
  • Pricing and distribution
  • App content section
  • Release the app

4. Download your app
As a new Google developer, a one-time registration will cost $ 25.
If you don't want to go through all of this, AppsGeyser allows you to publish, download and install your own applications for personal use.

create apps without coding

There are two ways to download the newly created application. You can scan the QR code or download an apk file from a direct link which can be shared with everyone.

create apps without coding

5. Install your application
To install the application, go to your download folder and find the apk file. click on it to install.

create apps without coding

Non-Google Play apps typically need to be checked for security risks. There are none in this app, so you can install it freely. The newly created application will be installed like any other normal application on your phone.

create apps without coding

As long as your application is active in the dashboard, the changes you create will be automatically updated for all users of the application.

create apps without coding


If you wish to stay on the "Free" plan, your newly created app will only be stored for 24 hours, unless you publish at least one of your apps on Google Play. AppsGeyser costs $ 5 / month for an individual plan billed annually
Final Notes
In the past you had to be an Android developer and spend many hours coding before you could have your own Android app. With AppsGeyser, the whole process can now be done in minutes.

AppsGeyser isn't the only website for building Android applications. You can check out some of the best sites and platforms to build your own Android apps without coding.