How To Change A Phone Number On Amazon

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In this article, I will share with you how to change a phone number on Amazon.
Step 1: Visit the website, if you have a regional extension, use the same for your country. Step 2: Once you visit the Amazon website home page, you need to log in with your login credentials.
Step 3: Now that you have successfully logged in, you can proceed to change your mobile number.
Step 4: On the Amazon home page, hover over the Accounts & List button at the top right of the navigation pane.

Step 5:
In the drop-down menu, choose your account. And click on it.

Step 6: Your Amazon profile account page will now appear here. And then you will see several options in your account.
Step 7: From the next option, click on the Login & Security button.

Step 8: Once done, you will be redirected to a new page. This will ask you to approve the security notifications. You will receive the same in the email and phone number.

Step 9: Now go to your inbox and find the email Amazon sends you to approve the notification so you can make certain changes.

Step 10: Click the Approve button in the link in the email. And you will be ready to make changes.

Step 11:
Once the message is approved, you will be redirected to the page where you can Step 12: On this page, you can see your visible details for different account information, from the bottom, choose the EDIT option for the mobile number.

Step 13: Now you can finally change your mobile number on this page. And from now on this will become Amazon's official communication number.
Amazon mobile number change screen

Hope this article will help you to edit or change your mobile number on Amazon website / app without any hassle 🙂