How to watch DStv on your PC or Laptop - The Simplest Way

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In this post I'm going to show you how you can watch DStv directly on your PC without having to install any extra software.

If you're a fan of DStv channels but you don't have a DStv decoder, you can easily watch it online using a computer or laptop and you can also use a mobile device such as Android phone or an iPhone.
If you are an android user, check out this tutorial on how to watch DStv on Android and iOS.

This tutorial is for all PC users. It doesn't matter which operating system you use whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, this guide will work for you pretty well.

The first requirement for streaming DStv online is an active internet connection. You can use a USB modem, router or a MiFi device with an active data bundle.
You can also use your Smartphone's hotspot service.

For something cheaper in relation to data costs, you can decide to purchase a DStv bundle which can help you to watch DStv in HD quality at a cheaper cost.

Watching DStv on your PC is possible by the help of a web browser.
Google Chrome is the best browser recommended by DStv for streaming DStv now online

Once you have an active internet connection then go ahead and install Chrome.

In case you already have it installed on your PC, already just go to this URL

How to watch DStv on your PC

1.Open your web browser and go to

watch dstv on PC

If you have a DStv now account already, just Sign In.

watch dstv on PC

If you do not have one, just sign up but you have to keep this in mind.--- While using a free DStv account, you will only Be able to access the free DSTV channels! To access the premium channels such as the sports channels, further auth is required. You need a decoder-registered account.

To get that, you have to sign up using a DStv smart card. In case you don't have a decoder, you can use a friend's smart card or you can also decide to purchase an already created DStv account for all DStv subscriptions.
If you need a premium account, you can contact me on telegram, I have some DStv premium accounts for sale at cheap price.

After signing in, you'll be able to start watching DStv online on your PC.

watch dstv on PC

That's all I had for you for this tutorial. If you have anything you need more information about or feedback about this post, Just leave your comment below.

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