How to load airtime for all networks using the 252 service

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Hello and welcome back to Eugine Tech.

Today I'm going to show you a method that you can use to load airtime on all networks in Uganda.

We all know that to load airtime on MTN, you have to use MTN Mobile Money or Visit an MTN agent and the same for airtel.

There are some times when you find that you cannot get an agent for a specific Network for example the new network Lyca mobile and you want to load airtime on it for a specific purpose.

In such a situation usually it's a challenge so today that's why I decided to make a post on it showing you how you can load airtime on every Network using the 252 service and pay throug mobile money.

So let's start.

1.Dial *252# and select the option to buy airtime and bundles.
Buy airtime for all networks

2.Then choose buy airtime.

Buy airtime for all networks

3.Now choose the network on which you want to load the airtime. In my case I'm using MTN Uganda to load airtime on Airtel Uganda.

Buy airtime for all networks

4.Now enter the number on which you want to load the airtime.

Buy airtime for all networks

5.Enter the amount that you want to load on the target number and select send.

Buy airtime for all networks

6.Check the name displayed on the transaction statement and see if this is the name of the registered SIM card to which are loading the airtime. If it is correct, choose option one to proceed and click send.

You will be notified that the transaction is in progress and next you will have to approve the transaction by entering your mobile money PIN code and the airtime will be loaded on the number which you set.

So that's the complete guide on how you can load airtime on any network in Uganda.
This method can also be used to load data bundles directly without having to first purchase airtime.

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Stay safe.

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