How to get an MTN Virtual Credit Card

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Mtn momo card

In the past, online transactions used to be very difficult especially for the young people who do not have bank accounts because most of the online transactions require the use of credit cards or other payment methods like PayPal which also require a credit card to be linked to them  in order for the transaction to be possible.

I personally used to face challenges while trying to get free trials on some sites for example I liked using digital ocean for cloud computing but to get their free trial, you need to first provide your credit card information so this was the challenge I used to face as many other people do because I had no knowledge about virtual credit cards but since I found them and started using them, everything has been easy for me and so can be easy for you after getting the information I'm about to show you below.

Importance of using virtual credit cards

Virtual credit cards can help you to stay safe especially if you don't trust some site but you would like to get something like a free trial from them.

The reason why this is possible is because after using your virtual credit card, you can choose to cancel it at any time then the next time you want to do some other online transaction you can just get a new card and continue with your transaction without any worry.

As the main to purpose of this post is to show you how to get an MTN Momo Card, let's jump into the steps you need to take in order to get the card right away.

Keeping this in mind, MTN Momo cards are not free! 

The cost of an MTN normal card is 1,000 Ugandan shillings and expires after one month, that's if it's not canceled.

If you want a card that lasts longer and it's free then you have to opt in for the Airtel Mastercard.
I already made a tutorial on it so just click here to know how you can activate Airtel Mastercard for free

Once you have the required 1000 UGX on your mobile money account to activate this MTN virtual master card, just follow the steps as described below.

How to get an MTN virtual credit card

First, dial *165*70# and then select Create Momo Card.

You will then be presented with a dialog showing you that you are about to activate a Momo Card at 1000 and to get it, you have to confirm with your mobile money pin code.

After doing that, the master card will be given to you immediately.

To check your master card number later just dial *165*70# again and then select view card number, then confirm with your mobile money pin and then your card number will be revealed to you together with other details about it.

How to cancel an MTN momo card.

There are sometimes when you feel unsafe after purchasing a product online or doing a payment with your card at a site that you don't trust 100% or you may think that your card is compromised in any way.

This has been made simpler by virtual cards since you can cancel it at any time you want so that's why I'm going to show you how you can cancel your MTN momo card. Just follow the steps below.

Dial *165*70# and then select cancel MTN Momo Card.

Confirm with your pin and then your card will be canceled immediately you will also get a confirmation message for showing you that your card has been successfully canceled.

That's what I had for you in this tutorial and in case there's something you need to know more information about just leave a comment below.