How To Export Ha Tunnel Files

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Welcome back to Eugine Tech.
It's Eugine Pro as usual with another short tutorial,
and today we are going to look at how to export and share ha tunnel files.
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>This tutorial is made as a continuation of the files making tutorial. So before going through it, first make sure that you have gone through the file making process and you have a working config ready to export to a file and share it.

In case you havent seen it yet,
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Once You Have a working setup ready to export, follow the proceedure below.

Tap On the three vertical dots in the top right to open the menu.

Select Import / Export

Select Export

Now Set a name for your file.

If you want to add a description, check add description and enter your message in the description box. You can use HTML code for design e.g changing color.

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After that, you can set the file's expirery date if you like.

When you are done with all, tap Export and the file will be saved to the Ha tunnel Plus folder in your internal storage.

Now that you have learnt how to make files and export them, you can also checkout how to import HA tunnel files.
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If there is anything you have to talk about, comment below.

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