How To Use HA Tunnel Plus App

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Though easy, many people do not know all the information related to the usage of HA Tunnel Plus app.
So I decided to write a guide to help anyone having difficulty using HA Tunnel.

Welcome To Eugine Tech.
It's Eugine Pro Once Again with another massive tutorial, and today we are going to look at a detailed guide on how to use HA Tunnel.

Before We get started, you need to first understand what HA tunnel really is from this guide.

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If you are already introduced to HA Tunnel, then we can proceed.

Since the app has built in servers, all you need is a bug host, or a configuration file that you can import into it and start enjoying unlimited internet right away.

If you have a bug host, all you need is to create your own configuration.
If you do not have a bug host or if you do not know what it is, checkout this guide.

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How To Create Your Own Configuration:

Now you have your bug host but still asking yourself what to do with it?
Check out this guide.

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If you have no bug host that surely means you have no way of creating your own configuration.
Therefore, you will need an already made cofiguration file. (.hat)
You can get free configs from telegram channels or buy one good one from Eugine Pro. After you have a config file with you, all you need to do is import it, connect and enjoy.

I already created a full guide on how to import HA Tunnel Files.

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