How to prevent bothersome Tiktok content from appearing in your videos

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 Tiktok much like YouTube or every other advert serving social media platform makes use of an set of rules to music your conduct at the same time as the use of their provider. TikTok algorithms can be very perceptive with regards to the kinds of videos you need to see for your For You feed. But while it doesn’t paintings, you may locate yourself being recommended movies that don’t in shape your taste.

I’m not simply talking about some thing egregious — like, as an example, political or non secular, or social statements that you would possibly experience are completely counter in your beliefs. I’m also referring to movies which you may really find annoying, including a form of tune which you don’t like, celebrities you don’t absolutely care about, or a kind of humor that doesn’t fit.

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So what are you able to do?

Well, it turns out that you could genuinely “dislike” TikTok videos — or, at the least, you may inform TikTok that you are not interested by it, and so (optimistically) tweak the algorithm to no longer display you different movies like it.

Here’s how:

  • Long press at the video that you don’t like.
  • You’ll get a pop-up menu that helps you to shop the video, upload it on your favorites, record it (if you experience it’s certainly offensive), or say which you’re truly now not interested. In this case, faucet on “Not interested.”
  • Depending on the model of TikTok you have got, you’ll then get the selection to either conceal videos from that user or hide films that use that sound (in case you’re simply uninterested in a selected audio tune).

You also can, by the manner, long-press on stay films which you don’t like; if so, you’ll immediately get the choice to both say you’re now not interested in the TikTok Live video or record the video.