How to Install and Run HA Tunnel Plus on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

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HA Tunnel Plus is really a great application with really exciting features of which it most important use is to provide free internet tricks to its users.HA Tunnel Plus previously known as HA Tunnel Pro is a VPN provider similar to other VPN such as HTTP Injector, AnonyTun VPN,Combo VPN,KA Tunnel,and many more VPN is a VPN that uses a variety for protocols (SSH,SSL/TLS,HTTP)to tunnel free internet connection coming from a bug host or a loop hole on a particular ISP.
HA Tunnel Plus is an amazing app to use though complicated and can be handled only by developers (config developers)that know and understand how this App works to create what we call working free internet HAT files.

The big problem here is HA Tunnel Plus is available just for Android and it has not yet extended to iOS (iPhone and iPad). So,iPhone and iPad users can't use HA Tunnel Plus.But what if I tell you that there is a way to use HA Tunnel Plus on your iOS device?Yes that is very possible with the help of what we call emulators precisely Android emulator apps for iOS.

What is an Android Emulator?

An Android Emulator is a software or an app that simulates an Android OS on a host computer or device which can be in this case your iOS device.

In this case,we will have to use an Android Emulator that will run Android full operating system on your iOS device.The Android OS will be the guest system and the iOS device will be the host system.
So, we will start by installing the Android emulator on iOS device that will now simulate android OS on our iOS screen so that we will be able to access all of Android's functionalities.
Howto Install and Use HA Tunnel Plus on iOS

We will be going round with 2 procedures;the first will be to download and install the android emulator on our device and the second will be to run this android emulator and getting access to Android features on iOS then install and use HA Tunnel Plus on iOS device.

1.Downloading and Installing the Android Emulator.

Before we go in downloading the Android emulator,it is good to know the best android emulator you can use with your iOS device.

Best Android Emulators for iOS


  1. iAndroid
  2. Alien Dalvik Emulator
  3. GBA4iOS
  4. iNDS
  5. NDS4iOS

Above are the best android emulators you can use on you iOS device.

2.Running Android Emulator,Installing and using HA Tunnel Plus on iOS

Once you have downloaded the android emulators from the links above,then you have completed the first step.Now you will have to run the emulator on your iOS device.Follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Android emulator after installation from your home screen.
  • You will be provided with clean Android Interface.The interface will need to do some fresh updates just as a normal android device so you will need a good internet connection.
  • Next,open Play store,sign in with your Google account and search for HA Tunnel Plus.
  • Install HA Tunnel Plus from Play store.If Play store is slow for installation download HA Tunnel Plus from here still in the Android emulator.
  • Install HA Tunnel Plus,Launch it and start benefiting of free internet with HA Tunnel Plus either by using Free Internet HAT files or by Creating your own free internet HAT file
  • Now this is how u a going to import the file u downloaded
  • Launch that apk, tap on your top right corner, select import, then u select the folder of telegram documents, u just tap into the document and it will b imported successfully.
  • Then just tap on start and enjoy free internet

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