How To Find SNI Bug Hosts For Tunneling

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Hello and welcome to my Site.
It's Eugine Pro Once again with another short tutorial, and today I'm going to show you how to get SNI and HTTP bug hosts for free internet.


The information provided in this post is completely for educational purpose only!

What are SNI bug hosts?

These are domain names of zero rated websites that work non the HTTPS / SSL Protocol and Support SNI, Simply Server Name Indication.
Zero rated sites are those websites that open on your network when you have no data at all.
An example is like if opens on your simcard without data, then it can be used as SNI bug host since it runs on HTTPS.
SNI bug hosts work in apps that support SSL / TLS and connect with servers running stunnel.
SNI hosts can also be used in v2ray client apps via V2ray obfuscation methods.

What are HTTP bug hosts?

These are domain names of zero rated websites that work non the HTTP only Protocol and have nothing like shielding or ssl enabled.
However, these are not very common these days.

How To Get Hosts?

You can use the simple explanation given above, together with Payload generators to derive hosts from free site.
I will also provide an advanced method in the future. Just keep in touch with Eugine Tech.
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Another method through which you can get hosts is installing my app created mainly for providing free SNI hosts.

Install the app from here and enjoy!




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