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Hello, and Welcome Back To my site.

It's Eugine Pro Ofcourse with another massive tutorial,
and today we are going to learn how to create HA Tunnel Plus Files For Any Network, Any Country.

Make Sure You Follow The Proceedure that I have provided below carefully so that you will be able to make your own configuration files without having any problem.



1.In this tutorial, I will teach you the basic concept of making files, not for HA Tunnel only but for other related VPN Apps with the same tunneling protocols like HA Tunnel.
2.I will not provide anything like a free host, but rather teach you how to look for your own. For that reason, you may see some of the demo images blurred.


The Information provided in this Tutorial is basically for Educational Purposes only. Neither Ayebare Eugine nor Eugine Tech Will be responsible for any wrong use of it.
You Are Responsible For Your Own Action.

Before We begin, I will first take you through a quick overview of the basic understanding of what we are going to be dealing with throughout this tutorial and description of the terms you are going to meet.

What is HA Tunnel?

Ha Tunnel is and Android VPN Application built with a main purpose of bypassing geographical / regional network restrictions. Built into it are a number of tunneling protocols, some of which enable users to make custom configurations for Free Internet Tricks.

Currently, Ha Tunnel is only for android system, however iOS users also have a chance of using it through this method.

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Ha Tunnel is an easy to use app. For more details on that, checkout this guide.

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Now that you have understood what HA Tunnel is, let us dive into the main tutorial on how to make HA Tunnel Files.

How To Create Ha Tunnel Files.

Creating Ha tunnel files is just easier than you might even think.
The app provides free servers that are already configured to support a wide range of protocols. So, all you need is to obtain a working bug host and insert it in the SNI box or construct it in a payload using payload generator.
The downside of this app is that currently there is no option to configure it with your own custom server, and this brings up speed issues especially in hours when there are alot of people connected at the same time. But that ofcourse will not become any problem when you are at Eugine Tech.

I already made a guide describing how to Increase your HA Tunnel Connection Speed.
 Check it out in case you need to learn that trick.

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Another problem that is common is the constant disconnection and instability issue, but since you came here, you are lucky that I already made a guide on that.

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Step 1: Find a bug host

The first and major thing to do before you think of creating files of any kind is getting a host.
Bug hosts are derived from free access sites, also known as zero rated sites.
Here, I mean those websites that open when you do not have any data on your simcard.
Once you have found a zero rated site, note down its domain name.

If you want to know more about bug hosts, how to find them and test them the right way, checkout this guide.

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After obtaining a bug host domain name or IP address and knowing the protocol on which it works, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Host For Connection.

For today's tutorial, I will be taking you specifically through the SNI method as it is the most successful.

Install and Launch / Open HA Tunnel Plus.

You can get it from here.

After opening it, the first thing you want to do is turning on the custom setup switch.

Click on "Direct Internet: WiFi / Data" and a dropdown will appear.
From the list, select Custom SNI option.

Then Fill in your host in the SNI box.

You are now afew steps to the finish line:

Note: Below, we have extra SNI options that we can play around with depending on the type of host you have got with you.

After setting up your SNI, and with additional SNI options if applicable as per your host, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Choosing a server.

By default, it is the USA server selected.
So, click on that to reveal the server list and choose that which in in a location nearest to your country for better speed.

Step 4: Selecting a server Port

In the top right, Click on that spinner and select port 443 as shown below.
Port 443 is the best for SNI hosts.

Step 5:

When you are done with all that, hit the start button to connect.
If your SNI bug host is suitable for the setup you have made, you will be connected successfully.

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