How To add Family members to a Spotify Premium Account.

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You can add as much as 5 own family members who live with you to your Premium Family plan. Up to six separate Premium debts for people who live together at a fee of UGX sixteen thousand each month. Each individual at the plan uses their personal account, so nobody shares a password and all of us keeps their own saved tune and playlists.

Premium Family comes with:

  • Family Mix – a playlist based on the tastes of every person on the plan.
  • Explicit clear out – the plan’s supervisor can choose if participants get specific song filtered.
  • All family participants on Spotify Premium get their very own private Premium account (in order that they don’t need to fear approximately inquiring for your username and password).

Starting a Premium Family plan
The person who desires to manage the plan signs up. They can use their existing account or create a new one. It ought to be referred to that you could’t trade the plan supervisor once they’ve signed up.

Starting a plan approach handiest you could:

  • Handle payments
  • Set the address
  • Invite and eliminate members
  • Control express song filtering
  • If you already have a Premium account with a accomplice business enterprise (e.G your telephone or internet provider), you first want to cancel with them and look forward to your modern-day Premium to cease.
  • If they don’t have an account but, they could create one as they be a part of. If they do have an account, they are able to be a part of your plan and hold all in their playlists and stored music. If they have already got Premium, they may now not be billed.
  • As you signup to change plans to the own family plan, you may be triggered to enter your deal with and additionally ensure this is the equal address you deliver your family members. You can therefore proportion the hyperlink to the participants that Spotify gives through messenger, WhatsApp or via e-mail.

Joining a Premium Family plan

To be a part of someone else’s family plan, you have to:

  • Live with the plan supervisor (the individual that signed up) as Spotify continues track of this location records to validate your house.
  • Log into (or sign on for) your personal account
  • Enter the ideal deal with
  • The plan supervisor reserves the proper to control all customers of this circle of relatives account as proven below.

Members can simplest transfer Family plans as soon as a yr.