HA Tunnel Plus Review. All You Need To know

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 Welcome Back to Eugine Tech.
In today's post I will take you through a quick review of HA Tunnel Plus App and all you need to know about it.
Without going any further, let's begin.

What is HA Tunnel?

Ha Tunnel is and Android VPN Application built with a main purpose of bypassing geographical / regional network restrictions. Built into it are a number of tunneling protocols, some of which enable users to make custom configurations for Free Internet Tricks.

Currently, Ha Tunnel is only for android system, however iOS users also have a chance of using it through this method.

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Ha Tunnel is an easy to use app. For more details on that, checkout this guide.

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Now that you have understood what HA Tunnel is, let us dive into the main tutorial on how to make HA Tunnel Files.

How HA Tunnel Works.

HA Tunnel is a VPN app like any other VPNs you know about but with extended usage and features.
Most People prefer using this app for free internet tunneling other than just a VPN.

To use it for free internet tunneling, you need to have a configuration.
For more info about configuring ha tunnel, Check out this guide.

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Ha Tunnel Connection Modes.

Currently, HA Tunnel has 3 connection modes.

  1. TCP
  2. HTTP
  3. SNI / TLS

Ha Tunnel Servers and Ports.

The app provides built in servers for many purposes such as gaming, VoIP, Streaming e.t.c
However, currently it does not allow using of custom servers.


Other Features:

Payload Generator with multiple options.
Hardware id and secure config export.
You can check out more features by installing the app from here.