The Singularity by 2045, Plus 6 Other Ray Kurzweil Predictions

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Here's some fun information on your day:

By 2045, human beings becomes 2nd-banana to machines which have passed the intelligence of mankind. So, in much less than 30 years, synthetic intelligence becomes smarter than human intelligence, and robots will rule us all. (Or some thing like that.) And we know it's proper, due to the fact Ray Kurzweil says so.

Kurzweil isn't some cult leader. He's a director of engineering at Google. But he is in the commercial enterprise of predictions, as a futurist. And at the same time as his maximum recent declaration is that the singularity (synthetic intelligence surpassing human intelligence) will manifest by way of 2045, it's best the most latest of his predictions, of which he claims an 86 percent accuracy price, as of 2010.
Now seems like an excellent time to check some extra of Kurzweil's predictions:

1. In 1990, Kurzweil expected that computer systems might beat chess gamers with the aid of 2000. Deep Blue slayed Garry Kasparov in 1997.

2. He anticipated in 1999 that non-public computers would be embedded in rings, watches and all varieties of other shapes and sizes. Uh, yeah.

Three. In 1999, Kurzweil said that via 2009 we would in the main be using speech popularity packages for the text we write. Not genuinely taking place, because it turns out that speech reputation software is superb difficult to perfect.

Four. By 2029, Kurzweil says that advanced synthetic intelligence will cause a political and social movement for robots, lobbying for recognition and sure civil rights.
5. By the 2030s, most of our verbal exchange will not be between human beings, however as an alternative human to machine.

6. By 2099, the complete brain will be totally understood. Period. Done.

Now That's Cool
So those are just a few of Kurzweil's predictions. To learn more about Kurzweil and his predictions, go to his website for more information. Or just wait until the 2030s, when Kurzweil says that mind uploading will be the norm, and you can just learn about him through the software in your brain — so much easier than reading.