How To Use Socks5 On Android For Free Internet

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This article will share about using SOCKS5, namely How to Use SOCKS5 on Android.

SOCKS5 is the latest optimized version of the SOCKS protocol. SOCKS is another alternative to VPN that is useful for security and privacy in surfing the internet.

SOCKS or socket secure is one of the most advanced proxy technologies on the internet today. It is an internet protocol used to send data packets from server to client via a proxy server.

SOCKS5 can also be used for free internet tricks by adding active SNIs. Here’s the complete tutorial.

By using SOCKS5 Server Over TLS / SSL you can increase better security and higher speed. In other words, your identity will be better protected and will also avoid being blocked.

How to Use SOCKS5 on Android

Here are the steps you must follow and apply to use SOCKS5.
1. Create a Free SOCKS5 Account

To create a SOCKS5 account, you can visit the Woiden.ID website then select the FREE SOCKS5 ACOUNT menu.

Next, select the SOCKS5 country server you want to use. For example, we will make Singapore’s SOCKS5.

 Click or TAP “Select in Singapore“.

 Pay attention to the SOCKS5 Port to be used, the SOCKS5 Port, the SOCKS5 SSL Port and the UDPGW Port.

Enter the username and password you want and then check i’m not a robot. Finally click CREATE.
 Wait a few seconds for the SOCKS5 account creation process. And your SOCKS5 account will be successfully displayed.
The process of creating a SOCKS5 account is complete. Now we go to the tutorial using it.
2. Install SSLSock and Tun2TAP For Android applications

We need help with 2 applications. namely the SSLSock and TUN2TAP applications.

Download both applications via the Google Play Store. Or it could be via the following link.

  1.     Download SSLSocks TLS/SSL tunnel.
  2.     Download Tun2TAP for Android.

Install the two applications until it’s finished on your Android.

For the TUN2TAP application, you can replace it with the SocksDroid application. The function is the same, so you can choose to use TUN2TAP or SocksDroid.

    Download SocksDroid Android.
After successfully installing and downloading the two applications above, now we are going to go through the settings.
3. SSLSocks Android Application Settings

Open the SSLSocks application and select the CONFIG menu, you will add the required config as follows.


SSLSocks settings are complete. Now go to Tun2Tap settings.
4. Tun2TAP Application Settings for Android

Open the Tun2TAP application, then enter the SOCKS5 account username and password that you created on the site above. Then fill in the ip server with 127.0.01 and fill in the server port with 8080 as shown below.
  Tap the three lines in the upper right corner.

Select Custom routes.

Application settings are complete.
5. Connect SOCKS5 on Android

To connect SOCKS5, just tap CONNECT the TUN2TAP application.

 Check your IP address using, whether it matches the country of the SOCKS5 server you are using or not?

 SOCKS5 has successfully connected to the internet properly.