How to deal with a Samsung Galaxy phone that is heating up

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There is nothing as annoying as buying a new Samsung Galaxy phone, only to experience occasional heating up issues. When you use features or apps that require more power or use them for extended periods, your device may temporarily Heat up due to increased battery consumption.The Close any running apps and do not use the device for a while.

Reasons that lead to device heating issues

  •     During the initial setup after purchase or when restoring data
  •     Downloading large files
  •     Using apps that require more power or using apps for extended periods such as;

  1.     Playing high-quality games for longtime
  2.     Recording videos for extended periods
  3.     Streaming videos while using the maximum brightness setting
  4.     Using the Screen Mirroring / Smart View feature (connecting mobile to a TV)

  •     While multitasking or when running many apps in the background i.e.
  1.     Using Multi-window
  2.     Updating or installing apps while recording videos
  3.     Downloading large files during a video call
  4.     Recording videos while using a navigation app
  •     A large amount of data for syncing with the cloud, email, or other accounts
  •     Exposing device under sunlight when the temperature is high around you
  •     Extensive usage of mobile hotspot and tethering feature
  •     Charging the battery with a damaged / unapproved USB cable
  •     Device’s multipurpose jack is damaged or exposed to foreign materials, such as liquid, dust, metal powder, and pencil lead.


From the above list, it looks like there is no reason to buy a smartphone as it seems like all the cook features seem to cause heating issues. However, there are solutions that can help reduce the heating. Which include;

  •     Turn off un-used options: Turn off Wi-fi, GPS , bluetooth and other connectivity options when not in use by dragging the notification panel.
  •     Decrease screen brightness by dragging down the notification panel since a high brightness level may result in device heating.
  •     Close applications when they are not in use by using the recent application button.
  •     Too many applications installed in devices may result in device heating since their corresponding process will keep on running in the background. It is advised to uninstall unnecessary apps if not using them. Alternatively, you can put them to deep sleep such that they don’t run any background processes.
  •     Avoid using apps like GPS, data-dependent apps, or graphics-intensive games for a longer duration since they require more energy to function, causing the device to heat.
  •     It is advised not to use the device while charging as it may cause the device to overheat.
  •     Use safe mode. Please follow the below steps to boot the device in Safe Mode

  1.   Power off the device
  2.   Now turn on your device by pressing the Power key. When the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume down key.
  3.   If your device functions correctly in Safe Mode, it is most likely that the issue lies with a 3rd party application that can be uninstalled to resolve the problem.
    Exit Safe Mode by one of the 3 options below;
  1.  Hold Volume Down and Power key for at least 5 seconds to force the device to restart.
  2.  Hold the Power key and tap on Restart.
  3.  Drag the Notification panel. Select the notification Safe Mode is on and tap Turn Off on the prompt to restart the device.
  •     Always ensure your Galaxy device has update software
  •     If the heating issues persist, reset the phone and start afresh