How to check for your last UMEME Yaka Token

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Saving on strength is what each person prefers because the decrease the intake, the decrease the fee. Yaka is a pre-paid digital shape of electricity metering method that doubles as UMEME’s default preferred kind in. The CONLOG branded Yaka devices are fond of manufacturing two quick beeps on every occasion an invalid Token is fed to the tool.
However, nothing disappoints like having zero.0kwh left and now not receiving any confirmation message nor token from UMEME after a a hit deduction of the deliberate expenses.

Checking your remaining used message from UMEME can become a stressful long waiting for manner Reaching out to consumer care assistants may also in the end repay with an expedition of the whole token buy. Though network availability and get right of entry to in most instances is available in on hand as a prevent block for achieving out to the UMEME support team. Well, whilst consumer care assistants may additionally feed you with all forms of reference numbers, a self-service option exists to remedy the complete catch 22 situation.

Using the UMEME App to check  your last Yaka Token 

The app is to be had on each Android and IOS and you should download it to be able to get started and comply with the stairs underneath.

  1. Open UMEME App
  2. Select “Yaka Tokens”
  3. Enter your Yaka Meter range and Press Enter
  4. Your remaining purchased Token details can be retrieved

Some users are reporting a connection Error message “Unable to attain UMEME Servers. Please check your net connection & attempt again. If the hassle persists, touch us”. You may additionally have to contact UMEME to help your in addition troubleshoot in case this error persists.