How To Run Windows 10 On Android Using Termux Without Root

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How To Run Windows 10 On Android Using Termux Without Root.

In this Post, I will show you how to run windows 10 on a non-root android phone by the help of Termux by using Qemu in it.

This method is quite interesting as this will make you understand how powerful a Linux terminal can be so without wasting any more time let’s start this tutorial.

Below you will find all the download links so Download all the file and copy it to your smartphone’s Internal or External Storage.

Required Apps

  1.     Termux
  2.     VNC Viewer

Download Links:

 Windows 10 Download Link:

Termux Download Link:

VNC Viewer Download Link:

After download and installing the above apps, follow all the steps given below.

Step 1) First open Termux app and type

apt update && apt upgrade –y  and press enter.


 2) Type pkg install x11-repo and press enter.

3) Now install the required Qemu package for this type

pkg install qemu-system-x86_64 and press enter.


4) Now we need to give the storage access to the termux for this,

Type termux-setup-storage  and press enter.


5) Now download the given Windows 10 file from the link given above.

6) Now remember the location of downloaded Windows 10 file on your Android Phone and start the connection by typing

qemu-system-x86_64 -m 960 -cdrom /sdcard/imgcache/Win10CDv2/Win10XPE.iso -vnc


in this case, /sdcard/imgcache/Win10CDv2/Win10XPE.iso is my file path.

7) Now go in VNC Viewer and add new connection type address give the name the to machine like “Windows 10” and click on create and then on connect. After connection enjoys the system.


Now You have Windows 10 running on Your Android Phone. Cool…!!! So if you have any questions regarding this post and any Suggestion for the Next Post You can Comment Down Below… See You all Guys in the Next Post…Take Care..