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To best understand TikTok you have to understand and look at it in the context of its predecessors – Musically & Vine. That aside, MTN Uganda has unveiled TikTok bundles to enable its subscribers to save on the amount of data guzzled by the video app.

TikTok has unique features that add camera filters and easy editing tricks that even further reduces the barrier to content creation. I think this is at the heart of TikTok’s success and their growth strategy – their ability to continuously grow the base of people that can create content.
TikTok has managed to sidestep many of the other competing app’s problems by dramatically increasing the pool of people that can make content, mainly by lowering the social cost of bad content (and also by allowing for other formats and types of content to exist). So the reason Tik ok stays successful is not because their content is super high quality and curated (which I think can be over time through better ranking) – but because there is a demand by people (particularly young people) to be able to make this type of content.

To speak on the demand for a bit, I think it’s likely super fun to make a TikTok. This has been pointed out by multiple people and shouldn’t be surprising. Making any silly video will likely be fun – but again that’s not why TikTok is owning this market. It’s because people feel okay with posting these videos and sharing them. In this way, TikTok is like Snapchat but public and global.

There is no doubt that the app is very addictive as many Ugandans have jumped on the bandwagon, and are taking advantage of this to advertise themselves or their YouTube channels, and most importantly to promote products. As we still wait for YouTube-specific bundles from telecoms MTN Uganda has introduced its own MTN TikTok data bundles for its customers this will help them spare their existing data bundles to be used on other things.

You can get the new MTN TikTok plan for as low as UGX250 daily data where you will get 15MBs + 5mins of TikTok. To purchase the bundle, dial *150*1*1*1*1# and pay either using airtime or mobile money. On the MTN App, you can buy the bundle for as low as UGX 2,000.